Hero of the Obelisk

Hero of the Obelisk offers three character choices while focusing on action intensive combat as you fight your way as a team or solo through hundreds of dungeon challenges seeing how far your wit and reactions can take you.


Over 100 Evolving Dungeons: Prepare for a challenge as each dungeon you clear just leads to more powerful and unpredictable foes in the next.

Three Character Classes: Choose and customize a Scholar, Adventurer, or Swordsman. Each class offers two distinct trees with 3 class evolutions each.

Large Open World PvP: Shown your skills in the hundreds of dungeons and gathered a set of powerful weapons and armor? Demonstrate your power as you take on the rest of the server in open PvP.

Multi-Team PvP: Join up with your band of friends to take on rival teams in a variety of objective based and siege style PvP.

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Game Videos

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