Hero:108 Trailer


A unique comic styled fighting game which will offers you some bizarre characters to play with in fighting and strategy battles.

Hero:108 Character Intro


Get a glimpse at the various characters you can play in Hero108! Lin Chung the ranger, Mystique Sonia the mage, Mighty Ray the warrior, Mr. NoHands the healer, AlphaGirl Latifah the berserker and more!

  • salah

    كيف اعمل ايميل فى هذه اللعبة ؟؟

  • salah

    ارجو الرد سريعاً من فضلكم…

  • cody

    plez help i cant play

  • cody

    i cant download th game

  • hero1080011

    i got 20 codes im gonna give away 10

  • hero1080011

    just go to my side and ytou can pick which code

  • andrew

    can i have one