GamesCampus’ Heroes in the Sky Officially Launches


Leading online game publisher, GamesCampus, announced Heroes in the Sky is launched. The official launch for the highly-anticipated MMOTPS, (Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter) WWII flight combat simulator will feature all new content including new maps, planes, a new level cap and much more.

Heroes In The Sky Tour: An MMO With Real Wings


Just when I started to think that MMO shooters were about to enter a generic slump, this game shows up. Heroes In The Sky is a plane-based shooter that allows players to relive the historic battles of World War II while riding in the comfort of their own plane. Honestly, I sort of judged the game even before I got to play it. I must say, I was wrong to have concluded so fast. Most plane games revolve around the isometric bird's eye view 2D platform. As much as I would want to see a game that gives us the same flight combat experience as Ace Combat, all I got were lousy plane games that shared the same Windows 95 graphics and game play. I guess I was lucky to have been given the chance to take the tour, especially since I was able to play a plane game that didn't have to copy the same generic experience most of its predecessors shared. HIS, as they call it allows players to soar the war-themed skies in 3-Dimensional format. If I were to judge the whole thing, I'd say it's the best of its kind, but don't take my word for it. Let's continue on with our tour and see what else they got.


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    how to playing

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    Games Campus closed the game

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    where do u go to play H.I.S now or can u