Heroes of Newerth

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    S2 Games

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    Free To Play

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    Windows, Mac, Linux

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Heroes of Newerth is a room based game designed in the likeness of the popular Warcraft III map, Defense of the Ancients. With a simple control scheme, point and click with customisable hotkeys, players team up and choose from a roster of over 40 heroes. Earn gold from killing enemy units to buy more powerful items to make your hero stronger, all the better unleash destruction upon the enemy.
 It uses it's own engine, the K2 Engine, which was used for previous S2 games as well, Savage and Savage 2.  You start you out in a lobby where you join a room, and then the game commences when the room leader starts the game. Games can be played with 5 people per team, but there are modes for less people as well.

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