Heroes of Newerth: Ravenor…


I've always been a big fan of strength heroes and was excited to hear about this upcoming strength "carry", hoping he might have a Berzerker type feel to him with high burst dps.

Heroes of Newerth: A Freeze is Coming


Nearly all of Ellonia's abilities are skill shot and combo based, giving her a high skill cap yet still being accessible and enjoyable to newer less experienced players due to the extremely short cooldowns.

Heroes of Newerth: Gunblade is Nothing Special


He plays like a ranged agility carry but features a play style that goes against the average agility carry. This is a nice change as it brings something new to the table but I am not a big fan.

Heroes of Newerth: The 100th Hero is Here!


After reading over the hero preview I was very excited to try out Kinesis because of his unique skill set. I really love how S2 is not afraid to implement new game mechanics.


  • janjan