Heroes of Newerth Announces HoN Tour


With an emphasis on events for players of all skill levels, HoN Tour provides an opportunity for every player to compete for fame and fortune. In the simplest terms, HoN Tour is an eSports celebration where anyone can be a hero.

Heroes of Newerth Reveals Core Pool and Death Tips

NEWS Heroes of Newerth Reveals Core Pool and Death Tips Today’s gaming world boasts infinite digital universes and characters beyond imagination, but is that really the best way for players to learn ...

Heroes of Newerth: Ravenor…


I've always been a big fan of strength heroes and was excited to hear about this upcoming strength "carry", hoping he might have a Berzerker type feel to him with high burst dps.

Heroes of Newerth: A Freeze is Coming


Nearly all of Ellonia's abilities are skill shot and combo based, giving her a high skill cap yet still being accessible and enjoyable to newer less experienced players due to the extremely short cooldowns.


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