Hover: Revolt of Gamers

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    Fusty Game

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"Hover : Revolt of Gamers" is a free runner in a futuristic 3D open world. Between the crazy Jet Set Radio, the interactivity of Mirror's Edge and inspired by films like "The Fifth Element" or "Star Wars", Hover let you play as a "Gamer" Team from another world, appalled at the dictatorship in their city.

Note: This is a buy-to-play retail game.


Multiple game modes: Play in different solo modes and against other players in multiplayer modes to show your skills (speed race, triks, agility, speed hacking, diversions...)

Multiple characters and upgrades: Other playable "Gamers" will join you during the adventure. Try to become the leader of the Resistance by upgrading your characters.

Oculus Rift Support: See the world through new eyes as you race through the city in an immersive first-person view.

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