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Hyperiums is a browser based sci-fi strategy game, set space. It is played real-time in a browser and can be accessed from anywhere. The game is easy to start and hard to master, featuring many actions to complete and many enemies to conquer.

In Hyperiums you will own a galaxy and some planets where you will gather resources to create an army. You will perform technical research and set up trade within alliances, but what makes this game really cool is that you can infiltrate your enemies and conquer them from without. This game has its own tools and many alliance sites as well as frequent updates.

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  • Bluegecko

    I’ve been playing this game on and off since 2002. The game has warfare where you coordinate actively with alliance members and fight to survive and also the slower times where you feed your bank and work to have the best planets, income and fleet there it. I think to this day it is the best MMO tick based strategy game out there.