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A multiplayer game set in ancient islands in the Mediterranean that focuses on trade, warfare, and city-building, Ikariam lets players from around the globe manage resources and trade valuables as they turn a small patch of coastal land into a full-fledged empire spanning thousands of islands. Free-to-play and completely browser-based, Ikariam requires no client downloads and can be played at the pace of the players’ choosing.

The many thousands of players of the latest Gameforge browser game first jointly work on exploiting the raw materials of the island better, before using trade and also the help of their soldiers to grow into a glorious people.

Every clan of fighters, however dauntless, is doomed without forming alliances and making commercial agreements, without supporting other peoples and using the assistance of friends.

Ikariam shines not only with its graphics that can compare with any modern computer game, but also with a fascinating mix of trade, warfare and diplomacy.

Here are a few interesting features in this game:

•Valuable Resources - Five resources to manage: building material, wine, marble, crystal glass and sulfur. Each island has building material and one other resource, so trading is essential to the growth of your empire.

•Civic Improvements – Choose from a large number of structures as you build your city, from the citizen-pleasing tavern to the ever-important trading post. Each building can be upgraded multiple times to make its abilities more effective.

•Expand and Colonize – See an invitingly open plot of land on a neighboring island? Build a colony there and gain another source of income and resources. Just be careful not to spread yourself too thin, because you never know who might be planning a full-scale invasion.

•Diplomacy and Allegiances – Allying with other players is the key to becoming wealthy and powerful. Allies on other islands just may be willing to offer better trade deals than their counterparts, and an enemy who attacks you may find the entire alliance at his doorstep soon after.

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