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IMVU is a social game wherein users create avatars and join public or private chat rooms. Everything in IMVU is virtual, with a visual element and the ability to interact with one another and the environment in a limited fashion. Players are capable of creating and selling their own cosmetic content to other players.


Player-driven Content: Players in IMVU are capable of creating their own cosmetic items. These items can be resold to other players for in-game currency - this means that the possibilities for avatar customization are actually limitless, capped only by the creativity and imagination of the community itself.

Huge Community: IMVU is the largest game of its kind, boasting over 3 million players from 120 different countries. At any given time, an individual can find hundreds of active rooms in which to socialize with a wide variety of people.

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  • sly

    That’s a game?

  • adjef

    I love IMVU it’s a lot of fun, exactly what I was looking for.

  • LeonArcher

    I believe online chat rooms with avatars count as RPGs these days.

  • AccaliaBaronets

    Last time I checked imvu is not an rpg.