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Infinity wars should feel familiar to all trading card game players while drastically upgrading the game systems to bring ease of use to a whole new level. Infinity wars keeps the best parts of TCG’s, scrapping the annoying bits, and doing incredible evolutions in the trading card genre thanks to the digital platforms most of us have in our pockets.


"Merged Deck" Mode - Tired of the player with the better deck walking away with free wins? Test your opponent's ability to adapt in a mode where you can both build a deck out of any combination of your deck and theirs.

Fully Animated Deck - The playing field comes alive with cards offering detailed animations and environment cards that completely change the background of the battle.

Hardcore Strategy - While getting into Infinity Wars is simple, learning the nuances of combat flow and various counter strategy will take plenty of trial and error to master. Experts will have a distinct advantage over new players once they master the strengths of their deck.

Weekly Updates - New quests and new cards are added constantly with plans to build support extending into German and Chinese regions.

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    Infinity Wars pushing the quality level of what we've come to expect in mobile iTCG.

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