• Invincible Armada
  • Invincible Armada places the player in the captain's seat in the era of global expansion when Spain's mighty armada was viewed as an immovable force. Charter a fleet of ships, take part in global trade, and battle pirates and rival businessmen to rule the seas around the European continent.


    Over 90 Ships: Unlock and purchase ships and them customize them with 20 variant ship parts and 30 skills.

    Real-Time Battles: Whether you prefer PvE or PvP, Invincible Armada offers strategic and exciting missions to take part in.

    Explore Europe: Recreate the ancient trade routes as you barter and build a financial empire of buying low and selling high.

  • Avg. User Rating:  86%
  • Genre:  2D Historical


  • wwhawkins

    facebook is shutting it down march 5th so I wouldn`t get too interested in this game. kabam is shutting this game down as well . if you plan to play it don`t it`d be a waist of time and interest.

  • Sir

    is there other similar games to this