Iris Online Celebrates First Birthday


The adorable anime adventure game turns one year old on November 24, but couldn't wait to open its presents: a tremendous bonus event is already underway.

Iris Online Plans Huge Winter Update, Server Merge


Iris Online is showing its appreciation to the current fanbase by handing out a Legacy Package to all players. This might include mounts, costumes, or even rare titles.

Iris Online: Tears of Arcana Expansion Approaches!


gPotato is pleased to announce that Tears of Arcana, a content update for Iris Online, will go live this May! Tears of Arcana introduces a forging system that allows players to craft epic items, an accessory upgrading system, flying mounts, three new maps including an elite map, and an increased level cap to 65!

Iris OnlineÂ’s First Expansion Will Arrive January 26th!


The gypsy-themed MMO, Iris Online is preparing for its first major expansion, V1.18! Slated to debut this Wednesday, January 26th, this expansion comes loaded with new features, bug fixes, and expanded content.

Iris Online Review: Eye of The Storm… Get it?


Iris Online is a cutesy anime-themed MMORPG that takes place in the mystical land of Arcana, a place ruled by magic and tarot mystery. Visual-wise, Iris Online is no different from its MMO sister, Luna Online, which was also developed by EyaSoft. If you think that Iris Online is just a rethemed version of its angelic counterpart, then you've got another thing coming. Iris Online is a completely different game, with unique features and a whole lot of MMO goodness to share. Don't believe me? Let me explain then...


  • heaven

    how to download the game

    • Mizuui

      u can’t. this game has been shutdown on August 2011

  • dadam
  • Suyami

    uhhhhh anyone got any nice sites that DONT INCLUDE DOWNLOAD HERE !???

  • Anon

    why is this game off ?:(

    • Anon

      You cant they cancelled the game, I used to play it till the very end it is amazing. when I heard it was going to shut down in August 2011 a little piece of my soul died with it…

  • sai-shou