Interview – Iris Online is Here to Reveal Your Fortune


Iris Online is North American publishers, gPotato's latest MMORPG to be added in its stable. Developed by Korean studio, Eyasoft, the game's main selling point will be its unique tarot card system and diverse class advancement system. Iris Online will also be the 2nd time the 2 companies collaborate on a project, the first being Luna Online. Can Iris Online really reveal players' futures?

Iris Online to Enter Closed Beta Testing on October 15th


Leading free-to-play online game publisher Gala-Net, Inc., is excited to announce that their much anticipated gypsy-themed MMO, Iris Online, will be entering its Closed Beta Test (CBT). The CBT will run from October 15th through October 29th and will allow players to explore 3 different races, 6 classes, 11 zones, 2 dungeons, 2 different PvP modes, and levels 1 through 40.


  • heaven

    how to download the game

    • Mizuui

      u can’t. this game has been shutdown on August 2011

  • dadam
  • Suyami

    uhhhhh anyone got any nice sites that DONT INCLUDE DOWNLOAD HERE !???

  • Anon

    why is this game off ?:(

    • Anon

      You cant they cancelled the game, I used to play it till the very end it is amazing. when I heard it was going to shut down in August 2011 a little piece of my soul died with it…

  • sai-shou