Iris Online Screenshots

  • heaven

    how to download the game

  • dadam
  • Suyami

    uhhhhh anyone got any nice sites that DONT INCLUDE DOWNLOAD HERE !???

  • Anon

    why is this game off ?:(

    • Anon

      You cant they cancelled the game, I used to play it till the very end it is amazing. when I heard it was going to shut down in August 2011 a little piece of my soul died with it…

  • Guest


  • TriviaNerd

    so is there a way we can get a refund for this game if we paid money??

    • Annie

      You can’t get a refund if you spent any money on this game or any game for that matter. That’s like trying to return an item to a store that went out of business.

  • Jon

    How can I download this game?

  • Mirany — private server

  • need an answer

    someone help me? “error update parse server patch list header file”

  • shana

    salut à tous est-ce qu’il y a des français ici je suis un peu seule moi :s