Karma Online Announces New Content as Open Beta Nears


The open beta will introduce ten new maps including the Holy Ground map (team death-match mode) where opposing teams will need lightning fast reactions as they compete against one another in a church with a series of dark and claustrophobic underground tunnels.

Karma Online Pre-OB Testing Has Begun


Joymax announced today that its upcoming World War II game, Karma Online: Prisoners of the Dead, has launched its pre-open beta test with much fanfare and bullets flying, which will run through Tuesday, July 19.

KARMA Online Interview: Now 80% More Zombies!


The difference is clear upon competing in your first zombie mode match: We don't treat zombies like they're stupid; if you want a challenging AI enemy, this is the game you want to play.

KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead Closed Beta Imminent


KARMA Online initially looks like your standard FPS set in World War II, a setting that has been overdone many times in the last five years. However, they decided to push the envelope with action considered PVPVE or Player versus Player versus Environment. But instead of just going with a cookie cutter 'environment' like computer controlled enemy soldiers, KARMA takes a horrific twist.