Karma Operation Barbarossa Interview: Looking at CBT2


KARMA: Operation Barbarossa is an upcoming MOFPS developed by Korean studios, Dragonfly, Futureport, Blueside and will be published by ijji for North America and Western Europe. With already a few online shooters in its library of games, including Soldier Front, A.V.A and Genesis A.D, why did ijji decided to host KARMA? What differences will KARMA feature which will blow its competition away? Let's find out.

Karma: Operation Barabossa: Player Versus Player Versus Zombies


It's been a while since we last saw an new FPS online game, and might I say that this one doesn't disappoint. Karma: Operation Barabossa is a fictional MMOFPS set in World War II, where the Germans continue to harass the land of Europe (like I said, completely fictional). Perhaps another factor that would stress the "fiction" part completely would be the ravaging zombies walking around (yep, that's right! Zombies), all thanks to the Mad Scientist, Dr Fritz who lost it during the war. Now that I think about it, the game seems to be a bit late as the zombie era of gaming pretty much ended 2 years ago (if you remember, 2008 = Left 4 Dead, Zombie Apocalypse, Resident Evil 5 etc). The visuals are absolutely stunning, and it is very hard to compare with its older counterparts. It's a fatal-three-way of Player vs Player vs Zombies, so nothing can get more action-packed thanthat.