Kingdom Heroes Xiaoshou Expansion Arrives


Get ready to battle it out in the new Xiaoshou Expansion in Kingdom Heroes. The Xiaoshou expansion will build on the enormous Kingdom Heroes map, providing two new areas for players to explore. Kingdom Heroes offers a unique, story based progression system, requiring players to work with their faction to defeat historic Chinese figures such as Zhao Yun and Lu Bu in order to access the new areas.

Kingdom Heroes Preview: Is It Any Different?


Kingdom Heroes is an Oriental-themed MMO that stretches the limitations of the average MMO. Here you will see structures inspired by ancient Chinese culture, complete with emperors, warlords and the weapons you'd commonly see in those Chinese variety shows. After seeing the awesome cinematic intro, you could say that the game pretty much got me pumped up for dynasty war goodness. How different is Kingdom Heroes from the other MMOs that carry the same theme? I'm hella excited so let's jump right in!

Kingdom Heroes on Kingdom War, Global PVP, City Conquests and More!


City conquest, guild warfare, player ships, siege engines, combat mounts, NPC troops – all these features, and more, come together on an epic scale during a “Kingdom War.” For those unfamiliar with Kingdom Heroes, a “Kingdom War” is a recurring, global, player-versus-player (PvP) event where guilds and factions battle for control of cities, villages, ports, strongholds, and territory. The results of a war can have potential ramifications for the entire game world – realigning boundaries, shifting control of resources, altering faction economies, and tipping the scale of power from one kingdom to another.

Kingdom Heroes Interview: Ancient Warfare Comes to Life


Kingdom Heroes is an upcoming large scale war MMORPG to be published by Aeria Games. The game is based on Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. With the detailed and immersing storyline found in the novel, not forgetting the various battles fought, what can players look forward to in this game?

Kingdom Heroes Developer Blog: Leveling, Loyalty & Battle


Chances are that the first major game feature you’ll come across in Kingdom Heroes is its unique soldier system. I don’t want to spoil too much about the first fifteen minutes of the game, but I will say that the new player experience is very tightly designed and, after a harrowing sprint through a dangerous chasm, it caps off with the gratifying reward of earning your first upgradeable and customizable NPC soldier.

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    I want this game back again! 🙁 I loved this game.

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    me tooo, plz bring back the game. There is no other game like this. Im willing to even buy the game