Knight Squad

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  • Developer:
    Chainsawesome Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Knight Squad is an 8-player, top-down game described as "Bomberman meets Gauntlet." The game is available on Steam and will also be available on XBox One.


Multiple Modes: Play the classic 4v4 Capture the Flag, or enter the free-for-all Grail and Last Man Standing matches.

Weapons & Power Ups: Grab powerful weapons and powerups as you run across the map to help you decimate your enemies.

Tower of Destiny: Unlock new power-ups and weapons by progressing through the challenges found in Tower of Destiny.

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Game Videos

  • Knight Squad Launch Trailer

    Bomberman meets Gauntlet in Knight Squad, a 1-8 player arena battler leaving Early Access on November 16.

  • Knight Squad Teaser Trailer

    A quick look at Knight Squad's action-packed gameplay.

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