Lands of Hope Adds Stargazer

ARTICLE The Forlorn Games team is pleased to announce that a new playable class the "Stargazer" will be added on Monday 11th August 2008, this new class can only be access by players who reach level 1000 and unlock its power!

The Stargazer and its later evolutions of Stardreamer, Starchaser and Star

Lands of Hope Celebrates its Third Year

ARTICLE The Forlorn Games team is excited and proud to announce that Lands of Hope is now three years old, not only is this an important milestone for any browser based game it also improves upon our previous game Forlorn Hope: Online which lived on the internet for 2.5 years.

To celebrate our third

Lands of Hope Eastern Promise

ARTICLE The Forlorn Games team is very proud to announce that the release date for the third expansion pack for the popular browser based role playing game Lands of Hope is now set for release on the 1st of July 2008.

The Eastern Promise expansion pack is themed around the orient, mixing elements of