Last Chaos Interview: Episode 2 After Half A Decade


Last Chaos has and continues to exceed our expectations. Last Chaos as a game is a living entity which we have and continue to work with the developers to improve and update continually.

Last Chaos Review – No more Chaos, please!


In the end, Last Chaos is a competent game.  It’s a standard point and click MMORPG with a few nifty gameplay elements thrown in.  However, the big problem with these elements is that they come off as a couple gimmicks.

Aeria Games Announces the Addition of a New Server for Last Chaos

ARTICLE Aeria Games Announces the Addition of a New Server for Last Chaos

California, U.S.A. (November 12, 2007) Aeria Games will launch a new server for Last Chaos starting on the week of November 19th. Several exciting promotions will be available for new players as well as current players and these
  • Markus Jonathan Savage

    i recently visited Last Chaos to see if things had changed since the swapover from aeria games to gamingo sadly they haven’t admins threaten players daily a guild that routinely harassed players on one of their servers cost them 90% of their player membership for that server is still allowed to be there and it gets worse daily… i left last chaos in 2013 after the switchover to gamingo believing it was a pipe dream that player issues were going to be addressed much less rectified sadly i was not mistaken or disapointed by the lack of respect players are shown upon my return DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU ARE NOT A FAN OF ADMIN BASED CORRUPTION WHO HAVE ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY WHATSOEVER!!!!!!!!! and sadly i’ll prolly be banned from the game for speaking the truth bout the elephant in the room nobody wants to speak about