La Tale: Now available on Steam

NEWS OGPlanet is proud to announce that the cute, anime-style MMORPG La Tale has just been released on Steam. The long-running 2D a...

La Tale Reveals Long Awaited Season 2: Storm Update

NEWS OGPlanet, a publisher of Free-to-Play, multiplayer, online games, reveals the long awaited Season 2: Storm update to La Tale, the longstanding fantasy MMORPG with massive customization and a reputatio...

La Tale Europe review: The Story of Admiration and Adoration


''Ah, finally! A sidescroller with a lot of potential.'' These words were probably my first thoughts when I saw OGPlanet's announcement about releasing La Tale's English version. La Tale, a 2D sidescroller MMORPG from Actoz Soft, seemed to be a cute MMO with easy controls and a lot of customization. However, when I started playing OGPlanet's La Tale I noticed that the game had these annoying delays, especially for Europeans. The game was barely playable, a disappointment for many European players.  

When Aeria decided to host the European server of La Tale in 2009, I decided to give the game another try. That day, a new world opened to me: The world of La Tale.

La Tale: Special Event for Beginners


Many games offer in-game events aimed at long time players. La Aeria Games has now announced that they will add events specifically aimed at newbies!