League of Angels: Now published by ValcoJoy

NEWS Recently announced, ValcoJoy is a new online game publisher focused on releasing browser based titles, and one of their latest titles is increasingly popular “League of Angels” MMOm where ...

League of Angels: New Cosplay and Summer events

NEWS GTArcade is promoting League of Angels through cosplay! If you love cosplay then join in the fun and send GTArcade your own attempt at cosplaying as one of the angels. Below you can see the expert cos...

League of Angels: New Features for May

NEWS New features for League of Angels in May bring players a new angel, a new mount, and a new costume! Players participating in the Cross-server Team Tournament and the Resource Tycoon Event may work tow...

League of Angels: Easter Events Now Live

NEWS GTArcade is getting ready to celebrate Easter in its MMORPG title, League of Angels. Haven’t you always wanted to have your very own Easter Bunny? Well now you can! A new Easter Bunny mount is due t...


  • Samum

    wasted 1 weak and 50$ here
    Very p2w, the worst support i’ve seen in last 15 years
    Not recomended

  • monique

    Ok i have been playing for about 1 wk ish give or take and i have just tried to log in and it wont let me it says that email has already been taken no shit its my email now i cant get in the game and lost all my progress what the hell ? why wont it let me log in as me

    • WhiteSwordsman

      Well the problem is that you have to play it via onrpg account and every day you are starting from lvl 1… Pretty boring and then around 18h or so there is a official match between all players or so.. complicated

  • mikka

    it didnot let me even play when i pressed play

  • mikka

    yup the ga,me is borring do you know any person who likes it?

  • mikka

    yuck i do not like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikka

    it is so bad that i can shout at the owner !!!!!!?!

  • mikka

    super fake get a better software!!!!!????

  • mikka


  • kernella

    i just started and its telling me that my connection dropped but it did not and now i cant log back on because its saying my username or password is wrong

  • ayelen

    i like it n.n

  • janmar facun


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  • april

    I have been trying to get the server to for three days now and all I get it a blank page! at first I thought it just had a long load time but I left it for two hours and nothing at all BLANK!! some thing needs to be done please I really want to play it.

  • Reza Maulana

    pls send hack tool LOA no survey no code.. thanks
    send to my email..