Legend of Keepers

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  • Developer:
    Goblinz Studio

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Fantasy

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Legend of Keepers is a 2D fantasy-themed roguelite featuring dungeon-management simulation elements.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there are optional in-game purchases available.

Key Features:

Two Steps Ahead: Plan out your tricks and traps in the planning phase making sure to combat your invaders with the appropriate counter every step of the way.

Engage: Dive into turn-based tactics action when the adventurers run into your monsters. Careful and considerate use of your skills and attacks is the key to victory!

What a Way to Make a Living: Embrace the dungeon master lifestyle and corporate ladder climb by hiring and managing employees, ordering equipment, and deftly handling any other problems that may arise during your tenure.

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  • Legend of Keepers: Prologue Available on Steam

    Legend of Keepers is an upcoming title on Steam, and to celebrate 50K Wishlists, they have launched a free playable alpha demo: Legend of Keepers: Prologu

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