It Looks Terribly Familiar: Legend of Martial Arts Review


Legend of Martial Arts is Perfect World Entertainment's (PWE) improved version of Q-world, a game exclusively released in Asia several years ago. The result is a cute, colorful and cartoony 3D fantasy MMORPG with a semi-Oriental theme. Legend of Martial Arts is very easy on the eyes with its anime-inspired characters and vivid visuals, a feature common to other games like Luna Online, Flyff, Rose Online and its sister game, Ether Saga Online. With that being said, does Legend of Martial Arts offer something new to be able to stand out in the slew of other cutesy and casual MMORPGs?

Legend of Martial Arts Interview, Closed BETA Tomorrow!


Legend of Martial Arts is an up and coming MMORPG that's currently starting its Closed Beta Stage. The game's a revamp of the martial-arts themed MMO, Kung Foo. So before we get to see what th changes are we knocked on their doors and asked around on what's new with Legend of Martial Arts and if how much did they listen to you guys.

  • joshuxxxmi


  • Kota-Chan

    Is this game worth my time of downloading? Is it laggy ever?

  • vaibhav

    very good game!:)