Lime Odyssey

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    Sirius Entertainment

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The plot is quite a straight forward one. Set in a land of fantasy, 3 races, Human, Turga and Pam team up and set off on an adventure to find the mysterious legendary fruit, LIME.
Why is it hot:
The developers consist mainly of people who had worked on arguably one of the most popular MMORPG in this generation, Ragnarok Online. With Ragnarok Online 2's development currently in a limbo over at Gravity, players noticed how similar Lime Odyssey is to RO2 in terms of looks. Plus, development has been going slow but smooth for Lime Odyssey. The game is thus hailed as the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online, the “real” Ragnarok Online 2.
Game features:
-Players will have 3 races to choose from, and also 4 classes at the moment.
-10 life professions to choose from, like Tailor, Chef and more.
-Players will be able to band together and build their own houses, and later forming into a village.
-This feature currently has not been explained further, but there will be an indepth User Created Content. It is most probably a feature which allows players to create new contents like custom dungeons etc.

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  • Ian Carlson

    very beautiful Game. I had the pleasure and honor of playing the first two Alpha Test phases at Aeria Games. I would recommend it to anyone who loves target-based anime MMORPGs.

  • Ian Carlson

    Cykan made a game late last year… so I was wondering why there has been no update on Lime Odyssey. Considering they went “bankrupt” or had “financial woes” you’d think they wouldn’t be able to make a game: