Lime Odyssey Highlights the Warrior Class


Warriors are playable by the Human, Turga, and Muris races and able to wield an array of brute strength weapons including swords, great-swords, battle axes, and maces.

Lime Odyssey Dev Blog 4: Humans


The Humans in Lime Odyssey begin their journey in Blue Coral. Before Lime entered the world once again, Humans made their living on the open sea.

Lime Odyssey Dev Blog 3: Music


Here's a first taste of Lime Odyssey's amazing soundtrack, created and composed by the renowned Yasunori Mitsuda.


  • Ian Carlson

    very beautiful Game. I had the pleasure and honor of playing the first two Alpha Test phases at Aeria Games. I would recommend it to anyone who loves target-based anime MMORPGs.

  • Ian Carlson

    Cykan made a game late last year… so I was wondering why there has been no update on Lime Odyssey. Considering they went “bankrupt” or had “financial woes” you’d think they wouldn’t be able to make a game: