Early Access: Lime Odyssey Part 2


Part 2 focuses on the battle professions, the art of material gathering, social elements and dungeons, as well as a sneak peak into future content.

Early Access: Lime Odyssey Part 1


For those considering if they should check out this title I have a key questions to help you decide. Do you like exploring?

Lime Odyssey Dev Blog 1: Farming


We at Aeria had the idea to start consistently posting blogs about features in Lime Odyssey to get everyone familiar with the game.


  • Ian Carlson

    very beautiful Game. I had the pleasure and honor of playing the first two Alpha Test phases at Aeria Games. I would recommend it to anyone who loves target-based anime MMORPGs.

  • Ian Carlson

    Cykan made a game late last year… so I was wondering why there has been no update on Lime Odyssey. Considering they went “bankrupt” or had “financial woes” you’d think they wouldn’t be able to make a game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cykangames.ASforKakaoN