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    Mythyn Interactive

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Delve into the arcane worlds of Linkrealms, a free-to-play sandbox fantasy MMO. With no class system, players must rely entirely on their skills in an isometric world. Customize and claim realms, craft, garden, prospect, raise pets, explore, and battle in an open world waiting for you to change it.


Skill-Based: No classes to choose from in Linkrealms. Instead, train any skill you like, at any time, simply by using it. Mastery comes with time and practice.

Land Ownership: Choose a plot of land to build your realm, and customize it with the game's realm editor. Add events, NPCs, houses, gardens, and more.

In-Depth Pet System: A highly realistic pet system awaits your genetic prowess. Cross-breed your pets, or train their behavior, to develop new lineages.

Exciting PvP: Open-world PvP dungeons, multiple PvP areas, spawning grounds, and even your own realm can play host to bloody battles with other players. To the victor go the spoils!

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