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Loadout is a free to play third-person shooter developed by Edge of Reality. Featuring a groundbreaking weaponcrafting system, customizable characters, agile maneuvers, and multiple game modes, Loadout aims to let players take control and play their way.


Multiple Game Modes: Loadout launches with five game modes: Control Point Blitz, Death Snatch, Extraction, Jack Hammer, and Annihilation.

Customizable Characters: Play as Axl, T-Bone, or Helga and accessorize with head gear, shirts, pants, shoes, tattoos, and more.

Extensive Weaponcrafting: Define your own class through the weapons you create! Billions of combinations are available through a modular weaponcrafting system that lets you earn more powerful parts as you play.

Emphasis on Mobility: Designed to be an agile shooter, Loadout lets you complete platform-style moves like Ramp Jumps and Power Rolls.

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Game Videos

  • Loadout Fundamentals Tutorial Video

    Loadout goes over the basics of the game, considering that this game is so strange even the basics might not be obvious.

  • Loadout Enter the Kroad PS4 Trailer

    Loadout's alien invasion arrives on the Playstation 4.

  • Loadout Dev Diary – Campaign Beta Info

    A new mission system will soon arrive in Loadout, forcing you to not just blow things up mindlessly, but do so with style to complete missions.

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    This is tps, not fps.