Lucent Heart Review 2014

REVIEW By Jordan Arnold (Pwarp) Introduction Welcome to the mystical world of Lucent Heart, that is published by Suba Games, and has now been released in open beta since January 7th, 2014! Lucent Heart is a ...

Subagames’ Lucent Heart Open Beta Now Live

ARTICLE Subagames launched its open beta for Lucent Heart this Friday, January 10th, and activities are in full swing for the colorful MMORPG (previously published by Gamania/beanfun) – including a leve...

Lucent Heart’s “Stadia” Expansion is Now Live


Accessible now to anyone with a beanfun! account, players can compete against their friends in exciting kart-style races, unlock Acadia's new race of Tarot Battle Pets, and journey to new zones with epic bosses.

  • upset

    why is this still closed -.-

  • DarkAngel22

    what happened to lucentheart??

  • Byakuya_Kuchiki_9

    y is everything i see on this thing whatever language tht is -.-

  • Byakuya_Kuchiki_9

    it aint english its like chinese asian japanese taiwan or something

  • Myranda Joy Rosenbaum

    Yay! It’s back! T.T I thought I had lost this game when it shut down!

  • xx

    it’s not available in us , just in asia

  • darton38

    not available in canada anymore wtf?

  • WhiteSkyMage

    Hello everyone! Lucent Heart is just in the corner! Anyone wanna give it a try? Like this facebook page and wait for news!

  • Blazicon

    I cant play

  • SuperShadowNinja

    I cant play either

  • idotit

    wrong site its a spam fix

  • giovanniiohannes

    when I downloaded this I just got a bunch of malware, stay away!

  • Parisrose has the game now =)

  • Douglas Vess

    serial number invalid- thx OnRpg

  • Bunni.Was.Here

    I remember when I use to play this game I think it was about 2 years ago, It was lots of fun but then I took a break and try to come back but sadly could not then again it is a fun game. And I wish to maybe play it again some day once I get more free time.

  • vant

    hi i have a problem with my keyboard on YOUR game and i can not write or
    use the keyboard on your game even it turn it into english from
    please can you help me
    Vant 🙂

  • ACE R42

    i can’t remember my account username . does anyone know how i can find it

  • serinety

    hi i got a account only i dont remember the id and the ww also i cant remember wich e-mail i jused i think the one that got hackted can you please help out and send the email to mine new one from e- mail account i got buyt stuff on it ad was saving for the wedding there i got i think 3 chars on it not sure of that one char is calt serinety or serinetylove that one got things i buyt from the shop like close money for the wedding i was saving that so please help out and send the mail to mine new e- mail if you want to know it ask it if your a gm from that game you might know the char i know someone was callt blueberry i think but not sure i know it was with berry in it and cupcake lots off gm’s were in the game also so please help me out and tell the id name i only need the id name ww i know