Luna Online Reborn Begins Closed Beta

ARTICLE Suba Games will begin the closed beta for Luna Online: Reborn, its relaunch of the classic anime MMORPG Luna Online, today. At 7pm Eastern on March 30, players will be able to log into the game and cr...

Luna Online Releases Expansion: Luna Plus!


Luna Plus, the first expansion to the smash-hit 3D MMORPG, Luna Online, is now live!  This major expansion will increase the level cap from 120 to 150 and introduce a brand new race as well as new job changes at level 145.  Players will be able to explore seven new high level zones, raid massive new dungeons, and battle hundreds of amazing new monsters!

Luna Online Review: Oh They’re So Cute!


When it comes to having the cutesy characters, nothing comes close to the cuteness factor of Luna Online. Big eyed cell shaded anime characters, petite build; it's like a whole world of chibified (small dimension) characters ready to kill you with their jolly smiles.

  • adeja

    i want to play this game and i do not know how to do it

    • Mr person

      It shut down a while ago.

      • unknown

        Luna Online closed down but there’s Celestia Luna Online

  • robloxfan16

    just play roblox

    its better ive played lune online its boring

    • RobloxHater


    • Don’t be dissing Luna Online. It’s about 10x as good as that rip off of Minecraft.

  • lololololololo24

    how do i play or start the game?

  • moonlord

    what happen in luna plus?

  • moonlord

    luna online cant back again??