Lunia Online Review – Addictive Combo Mayhem!


Lunia Online is an anime-styled MMO beat em' up game that lets players enjoy smashing tons of enemies with minimal effort. The game is arranged in a vaguely sequenced system where players take quests and eventually find themselves on  a continuous chain of missions. The game is extremely fun, especially with the all the characters to choose from. The game play sports the traditional Final Fight system, which makes players crush everything on the screen before proceeding to the next part of the map. The game can be played with the keyboard but if you want that classic gaming feel I'd suggest a game pad.

Lunia Online Interview: Myth 4 Expansion


We here  at OnRPG were very glad to have the opportunity to interview Ijji about Lunia Online!  As an MMORPG that updates often with great content, our interview is mainly concerned with the Myth 4 expansion, and the addition of new maps, bosses, a market system, and  preparations for a new  character, Dark Eir.

Lunia Online: Character Rundown PART 2


The previous article on Lunia characters regards some new-esque characters, but this one will present the characters fresh from KLunia. The real "new" characters, if you will.

Lunia Review

REVIEW When I look at all of the arcade games that were created in the past that were meant to be played at an arcade, I think of all the good times I had, gaining high scores and playing with friends. We used to go through quarters and quarters just playing Gauntlet and we always had fun co-operating through the game and helping each other out. Now, think of that, only, remove the quarters, switch the high scores out with experience points, change the joystick into a keyboard, update the graphics A LOT, and replace your friends with the internet.