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M.A.V. is a tactical mech game that takes inspiration from titles like Mechwarrior and Chromehounds. Build your MAV (Modular Assault Vehicle) into your ideal weapon, and fight back against an oppressive government in a persistent war across Europa.


Crazy Customization: Build your MAV with thousands of parts across 30 different categories, or pick from community designs; then customize it further with paint jobs, camo patterns, decals, and more.

Multiple Game Modes: Play solo or with friends in various game modes including Arena, Siege, and Campaign.

Detailed Mech Combat: Realistic projectiles, physics based weapon recoil, individual part damage, and researched environments await you on the battlefield.

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  • Ass. Anal. (Associate Analyst)

    I thought MAV stood for Mobile Ass Violator

    • http://fanhelix.com/ Michael Sagoe