Mabinogi: Sword Art Online promo coming soon

NEWS Popular anime “Sword Art Online” is bringing a wealth of new content to Mabinogi, the world’s most expressive MMORPG, as part of the game’s ongoing Ultimate Anime Summer celebration. For a lim...

Mabinogi: Ultimate Anime Summer Update Available

NEWS Nexon US has recently released a new update for their theme-park/sandbox hybrid MMORPG: Mabinogi, with an update known as “Ultimate Anime Summer, which includes changes to character creation too...

MMO Valentine’s Event Guide 2014

FEATURE It’s that time of year again, where love is celebrated in every way from romantic gifts to cheesy pick-up lines: Valentine’s! This Valentine’s, MMOs are looking to celebrate with you no matter y...

Mabinogi releases new character update: Professor J

NEWS Nexon America has released a new update for Mabinogi, introducing new character Professor J, a strict and powerful alchemist and master of the Guard Cylinder. This new update includes new skills, alch...


  • nova135

    is this game good?

    • Ryan013

      its not bad

  • AugustReign

    I just downloaded it today, and couldn’t play for literally 5 minutes without it crashing my computer, and I tried a few times… I don’t suspect it’s my computer’s fault, so warning to anyone trying to play it, this isn’t a rare issue. :/

  • MasterGamer

    this is not the right sight for the game