Mabinogi Alchemist Update


A new skill is now available: Alchemy. Work on synthesys fragementation, use an amazing water canon or summon your own golem.

Mabinogi Gestures


For every type of character or personality there is a gesture to match in Mabinogi!

Mabinogi Zardine Hot Springs


Ever thought going to the Hot Springs was cheesy? Well Mabinogi proves it’s cheesy and fun at the same time. You know who else likes hot springs? Monkeys!

Mabinogi – Dragon Update


Mabinogi will shortly release the Dragon Update. Here is an introduction of some of the dragons. With the update Mabinogi will be adding flying brooms for both transportation as finding greature from the air!

Mabinogi – Hot Air Baloon Fight


The new hot air balloon feature allows players take to the skies in small groups and do battle against wyverns over the treacherous sulfuric and volcanic landscape of Zardine. Players are first introduced to the hot air balloon mechanic when they progress through the main storyline of Mabinogi: Dragon.


  • nova135

    is this game good?

    • Ryan013

      its not bad

  • AugustReign

    I just downloaded it today, and couldn’t play for literally 5 minutes without it crashing my computer, and I tried a few times… I don’t suspect it’s my computer’s fault, so warning to anyone trying to play it, this isn’t a rare issue. :/

  • MasterGamer

    this is not the right sight for the game