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Maelstrom is a buy-to-play sailing MOBA game developed by Gunpowder Games for PC and is available for purchase on Steam Early Access. In Maelstrom players can set sail in the Abyssal Ocean in search of treasure, but beware of other players lurking in the waters. Battle it out battle royale style for treasures, try to be the last one alive, and watch out for the encroaching Dead Waters lest you be destroyed by a Leviathan.


Races and Captains: Choose your race and captain for a unique ship that has its own pros and cons. Find out which one fits your playstyle!

Physics-driven: Cannons are your primary source of ranged damage and are driven by physics. Make sure you're getting a proper angle and elevation to successfully land a blast of cannon fire.

Dead Waters: The Dead Waters have their name for a reason. Avoid the Dead Waters as they shrink the map size. Get caught in them too long and you might get a surprise from a Leviathan.

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