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MMafia MMORPGs are massively multiplayer online roleplaying games games in the Mafia genre. Players role play as mafiosi and work together in families or crews in order to attain high net worth, high rank and skills, and/or the respect of (or fear from) their peers. Mafia MMORPGs are browser based games that use either a real-time or turn-based system to permit players to interact with the game.

In turn-based systems, turns are awarded at regular intervals, and players may expend these turns in order to perform actions. Turns are typically limited to help ensure that occasional players are not at a significant disadvantage against those who wish to play more often, though there is often a cap on the maximum number of turns that can be accrued in order to prevent a player from returning after a long period of inactivity and instantly having the ability to acquire great wealth or power with little effort.

Turns can also sometimes be earned (by achieving certain goals) or purchased (directly, or through account upgrades). However, most Mafia MMORPGs are real-time, and do not have the same sort of turn limitations. Often, certain actions are limited by a throttle that only permits the action once per an interval of time. Players can perform the action as many times as they wish, time-permitting.

This system rewards players who spend more time online, but generally give enough opportunities for occasional players to advance that this advantage is offset.

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