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  • Maxmail

    This a hack for this game ( Beta )

  • goodguycraig

    Nice little game this. If you are into your 2d retro style snes type rpgs then you will love this mmo with an open world pvp where anything can happen, six classes to choose from and a wide variety of items that suit your play style.
    This game is also “newb” friendly where you start off in your starting area and each quest will give you decent starting equipment to set you off on your adventure.
    The only downfall i do have with this game is that there is very little direction on where to go next and lack of quests up till lvl 20 so players may become impatient with the leveling early on.
    Overall for a browser game with nice polished 2d retro style graphics and gameplay this is not a bad mmo to invest time into.

    I think a solid 3/5 is a fair score for this hidden gem.