Marvel Heroes Online

Marvels repertoire of Super Heroes have evolved from the pages of comic books to become driving forces in entertainment, from the silver screen to television shows and best-selling video games, including Spider-Man, X-Men and The Hulk franchises. As part of an MMO gaming experience, Marvel Heroes players will be able to interact simultaneously in a truly unique atmosphere featuring all their favorite Marvel characters, creatures and villains.

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Game Videos

  • Marvel Heroes Kate Bishop Hawkeye Trailer

      Marvel Heroes introduces Kate Bishop to the roster as a Hawkeye costume....

  • Marvel Heroes Ghost Rider Trailer

    Marvel Heroes welcomes Ghost Rider to the roster amid a huge rush of new heroes and content....

  • Marvel Heroes Online Gambit Reveal

    One of the most popular Xmen join the Marvel Heroes roster....

Game Articles

  • Marvel Heroes Introduces Team Ups

    Marvel Heroes introduces a new feature with its update today: Team Ups. Based on the original Team-Up comic series, Team-Ups allow you to recruit yo...

  • Marvel Heroes – Update 2.31 – Moon Knight and Mardi Gras

    A new update for Marvel Heroes is now live, which features the addition of Moon Knight and a Mardi Gras based event. Marvel Heroes Game Update 2.31...

  • Marvel Heroes: Game Update 2.3 “Training Day” Now Live

    A new update for Marvel Heroes called Training Day introduces a brand-new game mode for players - S.H.I.E.L.D Holo-Sim, Daredevil’s Design Review, an...