Masters of Belial: RTS With Flair


Masters of Belial is an MMORPG-RTS game by Brain Seal. Masters of Belial centers around the age old battle of good and evil where the proverbial "good guys" the angels are the ones who are conquering while salvation rests on the wards of destruction, the Daemons.

Masters of Belial Interview: The Game So Far


To answer some of our lingering questions about the game's development and future we were given an opportunity to talk to Argi Baltzi, Masters of Belial game creator

Masters of Belial: Major Update


BRAIN SEAL, a worldwide innovator in development, production and distribution, today announces the next major version for Masters of Belial.

Masters of Belial Released!!

ARTICLE Masters of Belial is an Action Strategy Online RPG that takes place in an ancient world that is controlled by spirits that call themselves Angels.
  • Victor

    I just bought Masters of Belial for the XBox 360 a couple of days ago and I love it!!! Great job Brain Seal on an awesome game! IMO this is the best XBLIG available! Awesome graphics, great strategic game play, perfect sound, with RPG elements! It feels like a PvP arena you might (love to) find in Diablo or a lot like Guild Wars but with simpler skill tree’s. What more can I say. Did I mention I love this game! 🙂