MechWarrior Online Launches Canyon Network w/ Massive Update

NEWS   A new world of hurt was introduced today in MechWarrior Online as a massive new map, the Canyon Network, goes live along with several new Mechs, Paints and Patterns and other items to choose from i...

Mech Warrior Online Update Brings Misery to the Battlefield

NEWS Today pilots across the Inner Sphere can add “Misery” to their list of weapons in their arsenals as Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announce the long-awaited 85-ton Stalker Mech, Misery...

Largest Map Yet Released in Latest MechWarrior Online Update


Infinite Game Publishing and Piranha Games' latest update to MechWarrior Online drops a metric ton of Mech goodness on you today as the colossal Alpine Peaks map is now live and ready for the taking.

MechWarrior Online Launches Conquest Mode Along with Huge Update


Massive new additions to MechWarrior Online will be live today as Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announce "Conquest Mode" - the highly anticipated mode that allows for capturable locations in the Inner Sphere.