Mini Fighter Review: Fight Until Death


When it comes to fighting themed MMOs, we've been given a lot of titles to choose from. Each title promises to bring an action-packed extravaganza that would leave you wanting  more, and most of the time they do deliver. Mini Fighter is a good example of one such action MMO. The game delivers non-stop action yet provides you with enough breathing space for you to enjoy the game's beauty aside from the flying fists of fury you will meet in the game.

Mini Fighter Tour: Intimiate Look At All The Features


Mini Fighter is a free to play MMO. The game plays much like an arcade fighter such as Street Fighter. There are various characters you can select each with their own play styles and moves. You are given one character card of your choice when beginning the game. These are the required to play characters and can be obtained later on by playing mini games, running dungeons and more. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. Levels do not matter in PvP so it is all about the skill of the player!

  • eimantx123

    why did this game got shut down? i was playng it for fue months and now i cant have it any more 🙁