Mir2 Interview: Answers from the Developers at Gamepot


Mir2 combines excellent PvE content, with intense PvP action with over 400 items spread across over 500 maps. And best of all, its 100% free.  Our free trial is the entire game for as long as you want. 

Mir 2: PvP event!


Event PvP Zones Highlight Update, Level Cap Expansion Coming Soon

Mir 2: Open Beta Begins Today


Gamepot USA, Inc., a free to play online game publisher, announces launch of the Open Beta service for "Mir 2: the Legend Continues (Mir2)" from April 29, 17:00 PST.
In preparation for the Open Beta, the beginners' guild system has been added and the maximum level has been increased to level 60.  The beginners 'guild is a unique guild run by the game system for all beginners under level 59 to join, to get extra guild bonus, and to help each other with the game.