Monster and Me Review: Thorough Nostalgia


Good ol' turn-based games. Who doesn't love them? Don't deny it, we all spent hours on them back in the day when all we had was a Super Nintendo and a few cartridges. That style and feeling, is something that TQDigital's Monster and Me tries to bring back.

Two Thumbs, Fingers, and All Toes Up!!

REVIEW This is one great game that is highly addictive. The main reason I play it is that it is so relaxing as well.. Plus I love the wide range of pets that are available in it.. I have played a number of games but this is the one I came back to and stayed in. Try it now and have a blast!

Monster and Me


Monster and Me has a console-like feel to it. Battles are random, and turn based. Combat is actually quite fun, only downside being the battles may drive you a wee-bit crazy sometimes. Gameplay does get repetitive, but after taking a break for awhile, you'll certainly wanna dive