Monster Forest Review: Be A Poke-err… Monster Trainer


Monster Forest is an MMORPG set in the Liberon continent of the Eran world. The game emphasizes the use of pets, which is quite interesting as we have yet to see an MMO that completely focuses on pet usage. Just as the title suggests, Monster Forest can be compared to the likes of Pokémon (or at least the whole idea of it) where characters can catch a wide variety of monsters to aid them in battle. Other than the battle sequences and monster mayhem, the game offers players a nice list of things to do (which will be discussed later). Consider it a Monster Rancher MMO on steroids. It's a rare concept, but does it have enough juice to impress the gamers of today? Let's find out...

Monster Forest with Starlet Kanny Theng as First Ever Celebrity GM


Asiasoft Online Pte Ltd ("Asiasoft") today announces the official launch of Monster Forest, a free-to-play 3D MMORPG that combines wildly popular gameplay concepts such as turn-based skill card battles, pet breeding and mini land farming into one game. The Monster Forest game server will officially reopen at 1600hrs (GMT+8) today.

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