Moonlight Online Screenshots

  • Orion

    need to download…

  • vampire freak

    is this any good

  • xXroseXx

    This is an amazing game. I play it everyday!!

  • Phillipines Gang hater

    if u help anyone then PH will gang up on you

  • Rose

    Wish the game can stop disconnecting on each hour. It get’s annoying. Please stop having your game disconnect on each hour. It will be a lot better if you can do that.

  • Amelia

    Trying to install it. It sends me to Facebook no problem, however when it sends me to Facebook, it’s blocked off. Meaning all I see, is this:
    So, can anyone please help me?! I do not know what to do T^T

    • Rossy

      Moonlight has been closed down since the end of April.

      • Chase Gardner

        What happens if you spent money in game did they say they will transfer it to another game?

  • Klaha Versailles

    já faz um bom tempo em que o Moonlight esta em “working” por favor liguem os servidores do jogo novamente.. esse foi meu primeiro RPG não vi melhor até hoje.. tragam o MoonLight de volta :/

  • Niccole Hoody

    what the heck have been to the game its not on face book anymore and i cant log on thought my computer. u should tell ppl if u going to stop having the game. we need a new one

  • Nicole

    I MISSSS THIIIIIISSSS, WHY THEY CLOSED IT DOWN??,.. damn this was like the best MMORPG T^T

    • Grace LikeMe

      If someone support the dev. this game will alive again 🙂 just message the developer for requested MO back again 🙂

      • Nicole

        i can do that? ~.~

  • Carrie Talbott

    I had a lot of real fun here. It’s a pity they allowed the trolls to hack it up. I miss the game and the friends I made along the way.

  • jailton

    seus fila puta voces tirarão o melhor jogo

    • soul reaper616


  • mostafa

    when its goin to be played again

  • Reira B.

    I miss this game so much :/

  • kaiticat

    Really hope they bring it back online sometime in the future

  • Eric

    Please bring back this game. I have a lot of memory in this game. I’m really miss this game.