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Moonrise is a fantasy RPG designed for mobile devices. It features a unique fantasy setting, in which creatures called Solari turn into nightmare beings called Lunari during the moonrise. Players travel the lanscape, unlocking the mysteries behind the moonrise phenomenon, cleansing Lunari, and training Solari for combat.


Mobile Optimized: Moonrise has been designed from the ground-up to be a mobile title. All mechanics,features, and user-interfaces are optimized to be used with mobile devices and touchscreens.

Real-time Combat: Players use their cleansed Solari in small teams, using various abilities, elements, and creature types to exploit enemy weaknesses. All of this happens in real-time, so quick decision-making in the heat of battle is important.

Training and Evolution: By exploring the world and investigating moonrise events, players cleanse Lunari, freeing the Solari inside. They then make these Solari into loyal team members, training them to have better abilities, and even evolving them into new forms.

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