Game Journalism – Am I Really a Journalist?


Popular industry figure heads are demanding change. It feels like the whole industry is about to explode and demand a change to how game journalism works.

Mortal Online: A Review by an Experienced Player Pt 2


I cannot possibly cover all aspects of Mortal Online gameplay in this review. I will have to brief over a lot and may not get a chance to mention some stuff. The game is packed full of features.

Mortal Online: A Review by an Experienced Player Pt 1


At its core, Mortal Online is a MMORPG where you decide what you can and cannot do. It not only offers exciting combat, but also an in-depth crafting system with endless possibilities.

Mortal Online Enters Open Beta


Starting today Mortal Online opens it's doors to the public with an open beta.

They invite the whole gaming community to step into the wonderful world of Nave. Join Mortal Online and experience a fantasticly immersive, beautiful and brutal sandbox MMORPG.


  • Bane

    SV… i could just leave this post as being SV but i will actually go into details.

    SV have made countless decisions over the years that are downright underhanded or just plain wrong… stuff like falsely banning people or banning them for say a month for telling them to do their job. Hackers are allowed to run rampant with little to NO punishment ever being givin. i could name tones of people atm that are well known for these horrific actions that are STILL playing.

    SV has been hacked and the hackers exposing how they can screw both me and all of you fellow community members. [media=youtube]La9iJyzuOqU[/media]

    i will be banned for saying the truth so i hope i can reach as many of you as i can before they ban me aswell. I am but a lowly surf thats TIRED of being screwed over and over by this company. i have recieved multiple bans for no reason at all even month bans because im tired of watching this company allow people to Hack/exploit they way to freedom and when i speak out about it i get banned for a month…

    no my fellow citizens i do not hate Mortal Online i HATE the company that has proved time and time again to be the WORST company on earth… they make WarZ’s company look like saints. EA look like GODS and if there ever was a worse company well you get my point.