Muniz Online Interview: Neverending Fun


MunizOnline is a world of numerous possibilities, all requested by our own community. At first, a visitor may be intrigued by the unique design of MunizOnline, and its catch phrase to customize his/her avatar and pump it up. Indeed, this is when the fun starts! More than 4000 items are available for the creation of a look that corresponds to every and each member of the community.

Muniz Online Review: Cuteness and Gameplay Combined!

REVIEW The game combines cuteness factor, a variety of mini-games you can spend time on, MMO elements like a quest and level system and community enhancing features like a marriage system and even a customize-your-own home feature.
  • Imani PureHeartcandehh Phantom


    this was a wonderful game before it closed down;;

    • all great things must come to an end