Myth Angels Interview: Yearning for Spring … and Hades?!


Myth Angels Online, developed by USERJOY Technology, is the latest title in the Angels Online series of MMORPGs. Taking what is best from the previous titles and adding in more unique features, Myth Angels Online has proven to be a hit with gamers since Open Beta started in October 2010. USERJOY Technology will be revealing the latest expansion to the game ny mid-December 2010, currently named as "Yearning for Spring to Come". What new exciting features will the expansion bring to the game's lively group of players? Let's find out.

The Red vs Blue Competition in Myth Angels Online!


Earlier today, USERJOY Technology announced that a new system of Myth Angels Online: a LARGE SCALE PvP event called the Red-Blue Competition will be launched soon. The first round of Red-Blue Competition will be available on November 5th 3:00AM~4:00AM and on November 6th 13:00PM~14:00PM (PDT). Have you been waiting too long for a real fight? Want to prove you are the ONE? The answers are in the Red-Blue Competition!